18 February 2017

It is currently 3.09pm and I am also currently sitting in bed trying to stay awake. So bear with me and my horrifying grammar and poorly constructed sentences.

But the saying that exchange students are just constantly tired- I fully agree.

This past week has been winter break which means no school and lots of interesting adventures. I spent most of the week helping my host mum move her stuff out of her old apartment and meeting up with exchange friends.

One of the days that I remember the clearest started like this-

I woke up and met up with Ayla (Australian exchange student) at Nørreport Station and we walked around trying to find one op shop called ‘Episode’ after a while of trying to find it we gave up and settled for food at a really nice Italian restaurant. We sat outside next to the heater with blankets wrapped around us to keep warm and ate the best Spaghetti Carbonara whilst people watching and having good conversations.

A long time after and by a long time I mean almost close to 4 hours later, we decided up get up and leave and continue our hunt to find Episode. Using my horrible navigation we found ‘The Living Room’ which is a cute, and as Danes say ‘hygge’ cafe that sells coffee, cakes, teas, things cafes sell.

Another interesting thing that happened in this week was, on the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to go to a Rotarian’s house, and to be hosted by Emma (rotarian who is from NZ) and her husband. Supposedly this place was on the fringes of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro which is just up to road from me (walking distance). However, I somehow did not realise that I did not type in the whole address into Rejseplannen- which by the way has become my best friend and my most used app even though it keeps getting me lost.

By not typing the whole address, I ended up catching the train at 8 (because we were supposed to be there at 1), and took the train towards Frederikssund. And if you did not know, Frederikssund is an hour away and its on the end of one of the train lines. You might be asking and thinking ‘surely you had a gut feeling’ yeah I did but I was just too tired to cautiously think it through so I just kept going.

I texted my host mum saying I think I am in the wrong place and got a reply- ‘Shit’ which then proceeded to giving me instructions for my hour long journey home. Eventually I got there and we had the biggest lunch (soup, lamb, bread, more lamb, deconstructed pav, pear liquor- which may I add, I would probably never drink again. It was so strong). This was solely to get to know Emma, and to satisfy our tummies and avoid our homesickness. We rounded off the day with a walking tour around Frederiksberg, Nørrebro and watched the sun go down.





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