21 January 2017

It has now officially been a week since I have arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark and the journey so far has been nothing but excitement and being constantly tired. Being able to meet my first two families in the first week of being here, I have a slight understanding of the different ways of living.

On the second day of being in Copenhagen, I have finally managed to say that I have been to the Round Tower which overlooks most of the city. Apart from being and looking cool you don’t have to walk up stairs since it is just a slope that goes round and round which is of course amazing for the lazy (i.e me).

However, I currently live by Svanmøllen Station, Østerbro which is a quick 15 minutes commute to school which is located in the city centre. The school I go to is Rysensteen where I have met the most lovely and friendly people who are welcoming and warm even though the city isn’t (pretty sure I have frostbite even though its 2 deg).

The culture and way of life here is a lot different to New Zealand having come from a school which has uniforms, strict times and shorter classes, you go to school in mufti as well as having hour and a half periods. During breaks, walking out of school and going across the street is not an unusual sight.

Of course I could not be any further from home in a place where English is fluent however the native language is preferred, I still cannot speak, however I am getting there which is always a laugh and a half when it comes to me trying to pronounce the words.

At the moment, it has been an hour since I have met up with Claire, who is another Rotary Ambassador from New Zealand living in Høje Taastrup. It was amazing to meet up with her again after being a week apart from the LA family. We went for pizza an spent so much unnecessary money but I guess you aren’t really an exchange student if you aren’t spending unnecessarily.

Nonetheless, it has been amazing so far (apart from jetlag and continuously feeling tired and exhausted even just by holding a pen), hopefully the next post that comes out I would be able to understand Danish.


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